Either download the GymSync app on your mobile device or click on the GymSync image to be taken to the page to register and get booked on.

Use The GymSync app to book onto all our available classes.

What we offer weekly:

- Spinning 

- Yoga

- Pilates 

- Box HIIT

- Absolute ABs 

- Junior Fitness 

- Penalty Box

- Barbell HIIT

- Boot Camp 

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When Signing up to the GymSync app or website make sure you select Richmond, North Yorkshire then select ML Sports and Fitness. This way you will be able to access all our class registers and be able to book on to all the classes we have to offer.  

Once you have signed up and had your membership approved, you will have access to all the classes and all you have to simply do is click book and you will be added to the class register.

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